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The Private Pilot Pathway 

Study Online & Offline / Anywhere & Anytime

Up To 24 Hours of LIVE Online Instruction

90 + Guided Lessons in 9 Pilot Subjects

Access to Exclusive Pilot Community

24/7 Flight Instructors Support 

1 Final Written Exam

1 Course Completion Certificate



  • EASA Private Pilot Licence 
  • Theoretical Knowledge Course Only
  • 100+ Study Hours
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An applicant for the Private Pilot Licence shall receive theoretical knowledge instruction. We specialise in delivering online distance-learning PPL theoretical knowledge courses for students in Europe. After you graduate from the Private Pilot Pathway program you will be able to take the 9 exams with your local Civil Aviation Authority and complete flight training with any flight school in Europe.


How It Works?

Instant Online Access 🥇

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Sign up for the program today, entirely online. The Pathway program is the most comprehensive and modern PPL Theoretical Knowledge Course. It is delivered entirely online and completed at your own pace and time.

Structured Lessons

After you sign up for the program, you will join a private aviation community. You will then complete a number of carefully structured and interactive courses and lessons that will provide you with the required knowledge.

LIVE Online Sessions

Up to 24 hours of LIVE online instruction during the course are included in the program. At least 1 hour is required in order to be able to receive a Course Completion Certificate. Sessions are held at least twice per month.

Course Certificate

Upon course completion, you will receive a Certificate. You can then sit your PPL examinations under any EASA authority Civil Aviation Authority. The exams are multiple-choice based and have a pass mark of 75%.

Why the Private Pilot Pathway Program?

100% Online

You can complete your PPL ground school online. No need to attend classroom classes. It works around your schedule. It is self-paced and highly interactive. Access the training on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The Best Content

We work together with the market-leading providers of pilot training materials to flight schools around the world. We have our own videos, graphics, workshops, revision lectures and many more country-specific examples.

Unparalleled Support

Unparalleled in the industry at this level. There is an aviation community to share your thoughts. Four flight instructors support you every day of your training. Live Online Sessions with us are held twice per month.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 16
  • You Have To Be in a Good Health Condition.
  • Preferably in Possession of a Class 2 or Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Possess a Good knowledge of English, Maths and Physics

The 9 PPL Subjects

  1. Air Law 2. Human Performance 3. Meteorology 4. Communications. 5. Navigation 6. Principles of Flight 7. Operational procedures 8. Flight performance and planning 9. Aircraft general knowledge

Peak Aviation Academy is an EASA Training Organisation for Pilots

BG.DTO-005-45-17- 40

We are No.5 in the official list of Declared Training Organisations provided by. the Bulgarian Civil Aviation Authority

Peak Aviation Academy Europe

Peak Aviation Academy is a EASA Declared Training Organisation (DTO). We are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Bulgaria. Our Reference Number is BG.DTO-005-45-17-40. You can find the list of DTOs here. We are number 5. The courses that we deliver are exclusively limited to the theoretical knowledge required for the PPL(A) and LAPL(A). We do not deliver practical flight training, but you can complete that in any flight school around Europe. Our Head of Training - Emil Avramov is a Boeing 737 Airline Captain, Type Rating Instructor and Flight Instructor. All instructors in the academy are experienced and active professional pilots. 

Our Hybrid Approach

You receive access to 1) our online learning system and 2) our own app that you need to download on Windows, MacOS or iPad. We deliver the most updated and comprehensive training materials for the 9 subjects of the PPL syllabus. Learn your PPL theory with guided lessons and exam-style quizzes to test your knowledge. Built-in study guides on each PPL subject mean there’s no need to buy additional books to revise. Learn and revise on the go, wherever you are. You work your way through lessons for each of the 9 PPL subjects, tailored to reflect the PPL learning objectives. You receive an in-depth understanding of each topic with detailed explanations, images, and diagrams. Built-in tests and end-of-lesson quizzes are presented in an exam-style format. Watch your knowledge grow and track your progress using your student's dashboard. There’s no need to buy extra books to learn or revise with our built-in study guides for each of the 9 PPL subjects. Perfect for sharpening your knowledge to help you hit exam day with confidence.


The 4 Parts of The Pathway

1) Join an exclusive aviation community comprised of people just like you. Students who are going through the Pathway Program, others who have completed it and are sitting the exams, already licensed Private Pilots, Flight Instructors, Professional Pilots, etc. You are not alone.

2) We will refresh your knowledge of basic mathematics and physics. Introduce general aviation concepts. These are all included in the Foundations Course.

3) Then, the 9 subjects of the PPL syllabus are found in our Core Course. Guided lessons, revision lectures, exam questions, quizzes, workshops, country-specific examples and much more.

4) To consolidate your knowledge and ask any question in person, you can join up to 24 hours of LIVE online sessions with a flight instructor. You will also have access to hundreds of questions in our Revision and Exam Preparation Module.

Study with Us. Complete Training and Exams in 30+ Countries

You have access to the Private Pilot Pathway Program for 12 months. Upon course completion, we will provide you with a Course Completion Certificate, which will permit you to sit your 9 PPL examinations under any EASA authority. For example, you could sit your exams with the CAA in Bulgaria, Austro Control in Austria (and worldwide external exam centres), IAA in Ireland, ENAC in Italy, FOCA in Switzerland, etc. There are EASA examination centres all across Europe, the US, and Asia. You will also be able to continue with your flight training and obtain the Private Pilot Licence. Our course is widely recognised and accepted by all EASA member states. Practically that is the entire Europe. Here is a list of countries accepting our course: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

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An Example Certificate

Upon satisfactory completion of the Private Pilot Pathway with us, you will receive a certificate. It will include your name and the period when you have completed the EASA approved PPL theoretical knowledge course. Additional details of the Peak Aviation Academy Training Organisation are included.

We also provide a recommendation to the Civil Aviation Authority about the candidate's performance with us, his pass marks, performance levels, etc. 


Get Your Name on The Certificate

The Private Pilot Pathway Program

Study Online & Offline / Anywhere & Anytime

Up To 24 Hours of LIVE Online Instruction

90 + Guided Lessons in 9 Pilot Subjects

Access to Exclusive Pilot Community

24/7 Flight Instructors Support 

1 Final Written Exam

1 Course Completion Certificate


Online PPL(A) Theory Course

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100% Digital EASA PPL(A) Theory Only Course

Online Access To Our Learning System

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100+ hours of self-study

Up to 24 hours of LIVE online instruction

1:1 Flight Instructor Support

1000+ Exam Practice Questions

Final Written Exam

Course Completion Certificate


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