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Peak Aviation Academy. An EASA Training Organisation¬†ūüá™ūüáļ

The Private Pilot Pathway program has made pilot training easier and more accessible than ever before. It includes everything you need to prepare for your 9 PPL exams and feel confident in your flight training. An online community, interactive lessons, test preparation, and real-world training are compiled into one convenient package. The Peak Aviation Academy's Private Pilot Pathway program will save you money, time, and hundreds of money in the air. Video lessons, a training app for your Windows, iMac, iOS and Android device, interactive written test prep, and real-world flying tips are all included into our PPL course. Our EASA approval ensures that upon completing our course, you can effortlessly pursue further flight training in any EASA member state.

What is the Private Pilot Pathway?

Whether you're completely new to aviation or looking to advance your skills from flying drones, paragliders or flight simulators, get to the next level with our Private Pilot Pathway. A distance learning (100% online) EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL) theory course for aeroplanes. 

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You receive a structured and interactive theoretical knowledge course for the Private Pilot Licence.


Theory Course Only

We are a Declared Training Organisation delivering theory courses only.

EASA Accreditation

An official EASA course.  Our certificates are accepted in every EU state.

The Private Pilot Pathway in Numbers

30 Days

Study at your own pace and time. The PPL course takes a minimum of 30 days. On average, students take 8 weeks to complete the program. However, this could take longer depending on your schedule.

9 Subjects

At the core of the program are the 9 subjects that you will master. These include Principles of Flight, Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge, Human Performance, Meteorology, Operational Procedures, etc.

100+ Study Hours

The content includes over 100 study hours. These include self-study, video lectures, Q&A sessions with our flight instructors, workshops and time spent practising exam questions. 

1 Certificate

You will be issued a PPL theory course completion certificate to permit you to sit your PPL examinations. We work with each EASA CAA and the external exam centres of Austro Control.

What is Included in the

Private Pilot Pathway?


The Peak Aviation Community

Modern aircraft are operated in a multi-crew operation. Crew Resource Management is essential for aviation safety and efficiency. The online PPL theoretical course does not mean that you are on your own. Join an aviation family now. You are not alone in your studies. Share knowledge. Learn from other students. Follow the latest news in the industry. Find friends. You are part of an aviation society today! 

Foundations Course

The Aviation Basics Course

"You can't build a great building on a weak foundation". Save time later in the Private Pilot Pathway program by refreshing your mathematics and physics knowledge. We will also introduce key aviation concepts that will be super important later in the program. You can study both online and offline.

9 Mandatory Subjects

The Private Pilot Licence Core Course

You will enter a structured course to cover all 9 subjects of the EASA PPL(A) syllabus. Our state-of-the-art Learning Management System includes video lectures, workbooks, images, and quizzes. Additional access to e-Books is provided. 

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An EASA Declared Training Organisation

Welcome to our digital flight school. You are already part of it by meeting us virtually. We are real people with strong professional and academic aviation backgrounds. 

This is me. A captain for Europe's largest airline. Boeing 737 Type Rating Instructor. Flight Instructor. I am one of the co-founders of Peak Aviation Academy. 

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We not only provide Distance Learning PPL Theory training but also offer: 

ICAO English Language Proficiency Tests

Do you have ICAO English Level in your pilot licence? Do you have to renew your Level 4 or 5?

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The Industry About Us

"... the most modern EASA PPL online training. Designed in a way that works around the schedule of the student." 

Vatko Beshliev

Flight School Owner

"Flight training has been long missing such a provider. One that is actively led by young, yet experienced pilots. " 

Radoslav Angelov

Ex-IT Manager | Current Boeing 737 Pilot

"These guys are full of aviation enthusiasm and passion. Let them share these with you" 

Tseno Krastev

Pilot | Gulfstream G600

"I highly recommend the 100% online PPL Theory Course provided by Peak Aviation Academy Europe" 

Mario Bakalov

Pilot | Motivational Speaker / 1st A380 Landing in SOF¬†ūüáßūüá¨

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